Wednesday, December 12, 2007

According to the LA Times, the studios are stonewalling the writers again, trying to get them to back down. But the story raises an interesting specter: What if the months of no new storytelling drive the final nail in the coffin of TV, while the writers go to companies like Google to reach an entirely new audience?

Oddly enough, this could be a real boon to Tivo. Christie's current favorite TV show is Threadbanger, which is actually a video podcast with a distribution deal through Tivo. And for months I've wished that the Weather Channel would tag their shows so that I could record the local forecast whenever there's nothing else good on, and only keep the latest copy. I still can't do that, but I just signed up my Tivo to download the regional forecast every day, which is just about as good. (And I did all this on my lunch break at work, over the net.)

Tivo, I am asking you for a favor. Or Google. Or maybe I should be asking Jon Stewart. Anybody, really (I'm a results guy, not a process guy). Anyway, Powers That Be, please hire Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writers to produce a daily video news podcast and put it up on iTunes, Amazon, and Tivo.

Pretty please?

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Anonymous said...


I want something more, though. Have you seen those faux-bubba YouTube guys doing the you-might-be-a-redneck political commentary?

I want some brilliant political-comic creative mind to spin some working-class-friendly lefty video commentary. Just sayin'.