Monday, December 03, 2007

Exercise-wise, I'm a big fan of functional strength training. Basically, I go to the gym in order to be able to climb trees with kids, lug around sheets of plywood, etc. And I think I saw some real benefits when Christie and I were going regularly. But we've been taking a break since I sprained my foot and Christie's in the first trimester (the suckiest one).

And nothing says "you haven't been going to the gym" like carrying 8-foot studs from the basement to a second floor bathroom.

I am so sore today.


cleek said...

We'll be done with the house soon, and if there's still work to be done around your place, I'd love to give you a hand some weekend. In addition to applause, I'd also like to help. If you have the bathroom done then maybe we could make something for Territa.

Mike said...

I'm sure we can come up with something, even if the bathroom is done (and it's scheduled to be done before Christmas).

For instance, there's this retaining wall by the driveway that needs to be rebuilt, and much furniture to be assembled and moved to turn the guest room into the munchkin room.