Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christie calls me a junkie, but if they didn't want me to refresh the primary results every 30 seconds, why did they put an F5 key on my computer?

Actually, it hit me this morning at work why I love politics so much. It's a messy process with an unambiguous result. That makes it the opposite of data mining.

Update: NBC just called NH for Clinton. I'm glad. ish. I guess I'm really rooting against the media here. They said Clinton was inevitable, and I was glad to see them proved wrong in Iowa. Then they said she was toast, and she came back to win New Hampshire. When she was ahead, they said it was just because she won the cities, and that the rural returns would kill her lead, and her lead held.

It's not that I dislike the media; it's just that I'd like to see them get better at their jobs. For the record, I'd also like to see them stop talking about politics as if it were sports, and to acknowledge that the policies the candidates are talking about are more than just political maneuvers. But I'm not holding my breath.

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