Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Having a blog makes all that "year in review" stuff pretty easy.

January: Thinking about gas taxes, ice storms, and head colds. Clearly a nice, uneventful month.

February: More politics, and finally kicking the dust off the tablesaw that had been idle since I used it on my finger. I can read between the lines a bit to see that things were fairly crazy at work, project-wise, but I don't write about work here except in the vaguest terms, so I can only see it by its absence. And by the posts about GTD, which I read three or four times around this time, trying to get a handle on too many projects.

March: A couple of poems, including one that took a long time. Also a bit of politics.

April: Christie and I came out of the infertility closet so we could write about the emotional repercussions. Started the diet. Sort of. Well, decided I needed to lose some weight, and started thinking about methodology. And bitched about Orrin Hatch and domestic terrorism.

May: The big event this month was watching Christie's cousin graduate from law school and making my first visit to Ikea. I'm sure law school is really hard and everything, but, c'mon, Ikea is awesome! And we replaced the washer and dryer.

June: More sawdust (especially if you count the tree we took out). And Neil Gaiman answered my question, but with no linky love. Damn. I'm convinced that with the adsense and all, if Neil would link me, I could clean up. As it is, I've made just under $4.00 in the last two years. I'm sure I could double that with a link from Neil Gaiman. This is also the month in which we decided not to have fertility surgery or undergo IVF. We definitely wanted to be parents, but weren't sure about the considerable risks and certain financial costs. We did not, however, write about that particular decision. And we didn't tell too many people about it, either. I didn't write much about politics in June, but did get into religion a bit.

July: A week at the cottage, and a weekend with the new Harry Potter. If I recall, I told Christie's sister, "Yes, I saw your name on the caller ID, but we weren't taking any calls until we finished the new Harry Potter."

August: We joined a gym. Four months is apparently my incubation period between feeling fat and doing something about it. And I have a nice argument in favor of universal health care. Exciting stuff.

September: Sometime in the middle of the month, Christie and I conceived. More political ranting. And I found a book on the training of Christian mimes. Just had to mention that again.

October: Hurt my foot, putting an end to the noble experiment of gym-going. Christie also cuts back on going to the gym because she's feeling tired a lot, and kind of nauseated, oh, and, hey! we find out we're pregnant! And I talk about politics some more.

November: I start work on the upstairs bathroom (clearing the to-do decks before the kid arrives), and we head south to give thanks. For what may be the first time ever, I go an entire month without once mentioning politics. Weird.

December: Phew. Politics, religion, navel-gazing, sawdust and drywall. Finally, things are back to normal around here.

Wow, I was thinking next year was going to be an eventful one, but 2007 was a pretty full one as well. We started out the year trying and not knowing why we weren't getting pregnant, spent a few months in infertility limbo, then ended up pregnant more or less by accident. We redid a couple of rooms, replaced some dying appliances, made two trips to Ikea, replaced all the ugly old light fixtures, recovered from one injury, acquired another, and built a couple of pieces of furniture in the midst of all that. And wrote a couple of poems. It didn't really seem that busy while we were doing it, but I guess that's life.

Next year should be a piece of cake, though. Just need to have a kid and elect a new president. Easy peasey.

Oh, and Republicans suck. (Got to make up for November.)

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