Wednesday, January 02, 2008

If you know me, you know I don't follow sports, couldn't care less about cars, don't buy comic books, and don't play much Halo. I channel that manly tendency to obsessiveness into politics (and a little into home improvement). So, yes, I am paying a little bit of attention to the Iowa caucuses. And knowing that I have at least two readers who are very likely caucus goers (Hi Dawn! Hi Patrick!), I may have a disproportionate opportunity to influence the outcome of the big event.

The thing is, I don't really care. Last time around, I was a Dean supporter, but in the end, his organization failed to get out the vote, and he lost. And that is what disqualified him from running for the presidency.

Okay, I do have one request for anyone going to vote in a primary or caucus: don't think about electability. The test for electability is the primary itself. Nobody votes for a president because he or she is "electable". They vote for him (or her) because they heard or saw something in their candidate that evoked hope, or fear, or joy, or something, and they were moved to check that little box next to their name.

So, vote for the person you'd most like to see as president, because, let's face it, the Dems could run a bucket of spit and they'll likely win the election, because the Republicans are down to their lunatic fringe these days and will refuse to nominate anyone who isn't bugnuts crazy. Good for them. Nice to see such dedication to principles.

For the record, though, I like Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Biden, and Dodd, more or less in that order, and there's not a single person running on the Republican side that I think is remotely sane, relatively honest, and not evil, and those three are the minimum criteria for my support.

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