Friday, January 11, 2008

Tool Recommendation

For Christmas, Christie's folks got me Bosch's PS20-2 Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver. Basically, it's an electric screwdriver, but with enough torque to drill small holes if necessary. The batteries had power right out of the box, but I charged them up anyway. Since then, I've rehung an organizer in the pantry, put up a mirror and towel ring in the new bath upstairs, installed a closet kit in the baby's room (which included a few extra holes, as it was a bit of a custom job), removed the old track lighting in the living room, and installed a new one. I've used it at least three times a week every week since Christmas. And last night, it finally ran out of juice.


Oh, and a note on track lighting. The track lighting in the living room was from Ikea, and it worked pretty well, considering that it cost about $30. But it was a pain in the ass to install, and earlier this week the transformer went from delivering 12v to about 2, which just barely got the light bulbs to glow. In other words, it lasted about six months before shooting craps. We replaced it with a Tiella track lighting system that's similar to the one in Christie's sewing room, and while I can't testify to its longevity as of yet, the installation was incredibly easy.

The moral of this particular story, I guess, is that sometime cheap is cheap, and expensive is better.

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