Tuesday, January 01, 2008

You may well be wondering, what was the first thing I cooked in the new year? Probably not, but bear with me.

Christie requested lentil soup, and what the pregnant wife wants, the pregnant wife gets. Since it was New Year's, I threw in some black eyed peas for luck.

It's a tasty soup, and cheap as all heck to make, too. There are other potential benefits, but they're still theoretical. See, the city of Columbia just put in a plant at the landfill to generate electricity from the methane coming off the pile. And they have a net-metering program so that people with solar panels on their roof can sell electricity back to the net. Once some enterprising person combines those two things, then the lentil soup will really pay off, because, man! does it give me the winds.

Too much information?

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