Friday, February 22, 2008

It drives Christie nuts that every time I take something apart, I keep the screws. Or the nuts. Or pretty much any small part that looks like it might be useful. And it drives me nuts that between that habit and all the times I've bought a ten-pack of machine screws when the project only called for seven, I've accumulated several pounds of unsorted miscellaneous small parts in my shop. (and scattered among various junk drawers)

I saw this shop tip a few years ago with plans for a small parts sorting tray, but I'm a little short on workshop time these days, so building something to help me sort screws just wasn't going to happen.

But that tray looked a little familiar, so when I went into my pharmacist to pick up a refill today, I told them about my mass of unsorted screws and asked if they knew of any place in town that sold pill sorting trays.

They did not.

They did, however, have a number of freebie trays left behind by friendly drug reps, and gave me one. Problem solved.

If the drug companies catch on to this, I expect they'll start putting ads for OCD medication on them, but as it is, I'll be looking at the name of a cough-suppressant while cleaning up the workshop. I would definitely call that a missed marketing opportunity.

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