Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The New York Times has a Migraine Blog


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike . Saw your blog linked on Blue Girl's . Monkey curiosity demanded that I click it .

I saw that NYT blog . Do you or Christy get migraines? Here is the original medication, Feverfew aka Matricaria aka Tanacetum/or Leucanthemum/ or Chrysanthemum parthenium . (@#^%^*&!! taxonomists!)

It was in use in Canada , in pill form, for over 20 years . Not here though . Not patentable , so no push for FDA approval . The me-too drugs are more profitable . You may find sites (& doctors) that mention "unproven" , "questionable" , etc. That's just US pharma-medical industry Conventional Wisdom. Can't have the peasants growing their own . I was growing it for ornamental purposes , before coming across an article on it , that included the results of Canadian tests on it .

The plant has two great advantages over the drugs : it's cheap , and doesn't have the side effects . That site ^ mentions 1-4 leaves daily . Seems a bit excessive (because it tastes awful ). I use it like some of the drugs.( When I heard of a coworker's mother's drug regime , I tried it with this) I eat one leaf every 2-3 days , and 2 or 3 when a migraine hits . It usually goes away in 30-45 minutes . When I was only using it at the time of the headache , it was less reliable(~80+%) , and the time to relief varied more greatly .
A good source for seed is Pinetree Garden Seeds ( ) .The plant almost grows itself, ans self-propogates . One 65c seed pkt , >15 years ago , has kept me supplied . It's also good-looking, and is a good cut flower . It's semi-evergreen, and the leaves hold up well in the freezer , and are even somewhat effective dead & brown, so it's good year-round . If you need to contact me about that, or any other horticultural topic (or anything else) , my email is .Good Luck .

Mike said...

Did the feverfew thing for a while, but it just didn't work for me. The best thing for me is to manage my stress, take care of my body, and take triptans when the migraine shows up anyway.