Thursday, February 21, 2008

You might not have heard, but Christie and I are expecting a little girl in June. And I'm a little nervous about being a dad, so I went out on the web looking at parenting sites, magazines, etc., to see what sort of resources are out there. Every woodworking magazine on the planet, for instance, lets you sign up for regular emails about woodworking.

And I signed up for quite a few, but I found it just a bit disheartening, because every single one was called something like "Mail for Moms", "Mommy Mail", etc. Now, I understand the allure of alliteration as much as the next guy, but are there really no resources like that for dads?

At least BabyCenter had a checkbox for "I'm a Dad" on their email sign up. Just beneath the checkbox for "I'm trying to get pregnant." It's not much, but it's something.

And then I get my first email from them, and it starts with, "As a BabyCenter mom, you now have access to..."


Emily said...

Billie found a great paper and ink book for fathers. It seems to have been a really good read. I'll have him pass it along.

Mike said...

Was it Be Prepared : A Practical Handbook for New Dads? If so, I was going to show that to him just for grins. It seems right up his alley.

cleek said...

Nope. It's The New Father. I'll bring it up when next weekend.

Mike said...

Thanks. I picked up another one, but it's tone was a bit too much "Dude, your lady's havin a baby!" to really be helpful.