Friday, March 07, 2008

Best Gary Gygax Tribute Ever.


Anonymous said...

I've gotten a little (geek-like) irked about the coverage of Gygax's death. Too many folks have hyped the whole "geek-nerd-gamer" stuff.

There was a whole subset of us who played D&D while getting high and drinking Wild Turkey only after (when we were young) riding dirt bikes and listening to Black Sabbath or (when we were older) working 2nd shifts in Kirksville and listening to Jane's Addiction.

Of course, we didn't care too much about the rules as written. Dice decided most issues (as they do in craps).

Basically, D&D gave us the framework to talk shit, drink, smoke green and the like without having to play poker (we spent all THAT cash on Milwaukee's Best and acid).

Freaks, Heads, and Motorheads for Gygax unite!!


Mike said...

If I remember correctly, that was sort of your experience of the Boy Scouts as well.

But I get where you're coming from. I remember the shocked looks on a bunch of geeks faces when they were all talking about getting beaten up, and I rather shyly admitted that I tended to be the one doing the beating.