Monday, March 31, 2008

Christie had a girls' weekend at the lake, and I had a guy's weekend in the garage. I'll put pictures up tonight of the completed project, but it was one of those things where I was trying a number of new things, and things went wrong at every single step, and yet, somehow, it all worked out okay, and I learned something from every step. Details to follow.

The only downside was finding a leak on the toilet in Christie and I's bathroom Sunday afternoon, while doing my traditional "Christie's out of town" cleaning. I was thinking I was going have to do a Westlake's run over lunch to get a new valve, but a late-night inspection revealed a loose water intake, which I tightened, and it was still dry this morning, so I saved $12 and the hassle of turning off the water to replace that valve. Which makes this a uniformly excellent weekend.

Oh, and I watched Michael Clayton, and it's excellent. Good writing, good acting, good direction. I highly recommend it. The overall plot works very well, and there are one or two moments that are simply perfect.

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