Thursday, March 06, 2008

Not too long ago, my brother broke his arm by falling off the desk chair he was standing on to change a light bulb. A rolling, spinning desk chair.

So this morning, when I look up and see a spider on the ceiling, I learned from his mistake a bit and grabbed an ottoman. After all, it doesn't spin, so I'm cool, right?

Kidding. There was no learning involved. The spider dropped down on her web, I tried to step out of the way, the ottoman went out from underneath me, and the only reason I didn't break my damn fool head open is partially because I took a grappling class from Theron that included hours of practice on how to fall without breaking your damn fool head open but mostly pure dumb luck.

My penance for the event is to tell the world what a dumb ass I was in the hopes that doing so will help me remember not to do that so much anymore.

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