Sunday, April 20, 2008

New railing, part two

Well, it's tomorrow, and I've managed to do a partial dry fit of the pieces, cut the railing to length, and done a bit of problem solving. I don't, alas, have any pics because the dry fit came after a long day of cleaning (my parents are coming this weekend, as well as some other folks, and that always inspires cleaning), and I sort of forgot that I wanted to take pictures until everything was already apart. But that's okay. The next dry fit is going to be more impressive, anyway, because it'll have the middle balusters in place, and the newel post trimmed to size.

One thing I'm finding is that this is going to require a lot of tweaking in place. There's a reason why, on most construction sites, the guy who does the stairs is an expert. It's not that a framer can't build stairs, but it'd take a while. Similarly, this project is going to take more than a couple of days, I suspect.

I'll admit, I probably could have gotten more done if I wasn't committed to ending the weekend with a relatively clean workshop. The upside of having the workshop in the garage is ease of access and plenty of fresh air. The downside is that if I don't clean up after myself, Christie and I are tracking sawdust into the house for a week. Actually, that's sort of an upside. The basement workshop at the old house was out of the way enough that I could walk off and leave a project in mid-mess, and if you think a dank basement smells bad, you should smell a dank basement with a layer of sawdust on the floor. Ugh.


Christie said...

Hehe..I see that you didn't mention that your demanding pregnant wife who was stressing over the need for a clean house but ended up napping most of the weekend while you worked was the biggest contributing factor in your slow progress.

I love ya and I'm grateful for your patience with me!

Mike said...

What happens in pregnancy, stays in pregnancy.