Thursday, April 10, 2008

Over Thanksgiving, Christie's dad gave me an old Stanley #78
rabbet plane
to rehab. So far I've flattened the sole (mostly but not all the way), sharpened the iron, and removed the bulk of the rust from most of the flat surfaces. There are a lot of surfaces still to clean up, and a couple of parts to replace (one screw broke during disassembly, and I believe the depth stop is missing), but it's already a working plane. I pulled out some old mulberry I've been playing with and the new plane worked it beautifully.

Two things I should mention about this plane:

First is that it is a rabbeting plane, which isn't something I need to use that often, but if you take off the fence and the depth stop (which is already missing), you have a shoulder plane, which I've been wishing I had for a variety of projects.

Second is a note to self that the depth gauge is part# 16704X and is included in Spares Kit 14 (Ref. No. 12-713), price $10. according to the Stanley Tool Parts Catalog. Man, I love old tool companies. And thanks to Howard Ruttan for advice on rehabbing old tools.

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