Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good summary of the problems with the gas tax holiday.

It also mentions Hillary's "shot of whiskey" in an Indiana bar, but it seems to think that it was some sort of political master stroke. That I don't get. I mean, it was Crown Royal. It's Canadian, so the America first crowd won't like it. It's expensive, so the kind of people who routinely knock back a shot in Indiana bars won't identify. And it's a blend, so the whiskey snobs will look down their noses at her. Shoulda been a shot of Jack, or maybe Jim Beam. That would have been a master stroke. This one's only effective because the press doesn't know much about whiskey.

Not that I'm knocking Hill's taste. When I drink whiskey, I drink Johnnie Walker Black Label if I've got a choice (also a blend, also an import, also expensive), so I've got no room to talk. Not that I drink much whiskey these days. That was more of a grad school thing. Nothing takes the edge off of grading a stack of freshman comp papers quite like a glass of whiskey.

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