Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm feeling very confused by the "My Father is a Jewish Carpenter" bumper sticker I saw over lunch. I'm used to the "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter" thing, and it clearly makes sense. I get what that's saying. Either you literally work for a Jewish carpenter, or you try to live your life in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. I get that.

But back in my churchy days, I never once heard anyone describe themselves as a child of Jesus. Yeah, there's the whole Trinity thing, where Jesus and the Father are one, so if you're a child of God, then, sure, you're a child of Jesus, by the transitive power of Divinity or something. But it's complicated and doctrinally weird. Or there's Joseph, I suppose. He was a Jewish carpenter, too, so maybe they're saying they're Jesus brother? I really don't get this, but maybe it's new. Christianity has changed a lot since I paid it anything but cursory attention.

On a related note, how do the Prosperity Gospel people get around the camel through the eye of a needle thing? Do they just ignore it, or do they claim Jesus was kidding? Ooh! Maybe they claim that you go through the eye of the needle when you're born again, so as long as you get rich after that, you're fine. That's what I would argue.

Can you tell I'm in a silly mood today?

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