Monday, May 05, 2008

It was a pretty busy weekend, but I don't really get why my leg muscles are so sore. Must have been the ladder work. This was my weekend:

Friday Night: Ministering to a sick Christie. It's just a cold, but still unpleasant when combined with third-trimester discomfort. Mostly this consisted of watching the first 2 hours of Pride and Prejudice (stopping right before the Worst Proposal Ever) and making corn muffins.

Saturday: Birthing class. All day. 8 hours in uncomfortable chairs in a hospital conference room is less than a raucous good time, but it beats 2 hrs/week for six weeks. But we went for donuts beforehand, so it's all good. Also, sitting in a room full of pregnant couples really drove home the experience. It was a "holy shit we're going to be parents" kind of day.

Saturday Night: Finished Pride and Prejudice. Felt migraine building, took meds.

Sunday: Got up ridiculously early, had breakfast, made some lists, then went back to bed for two hours. Second breakfast and some errands, then I got down to work. Cleaned the gutters (with my new Looj, which is silly but effective) and did some puttery, organizational type stuff in the garage, mostly consisting of building a ladder rack and dealing with the first layer of the enormous pile of crap that's been building up, largely consisting of baby gear hand-me-downs we're either not ready to move upstairs or just aren't going to use.

Sunday Night: Christie napped and read while I worked on a query for work that I ended up not actually needing. Mid-query, my migraine came back. Had I known then what I know now, I would have taken heavy drugs and gone to bed. Ah, hindsight.

So, today my legs are sore from the ladder work and my shoulders are stiff from the headaches. Maybe tonight I'll take it easy.

Update: Not so much. Mowed the lawn when I got home, because my throat was hurting so I might be getting Christie's cold and it's supposed to rain all week, and I knew it might be my last chance for a while. Then out to dinner, where we ran into our pottery teacher, which meant off to Access Arts to glaze pottery. And then, yeah, I got Christie's cold.

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