Thursday, May 22, 2008

New blog crush: The Village Carpenter.

Why? Read this.


Mod Mom Furniture said...

You're right. What a great blog!

Ok, Mike , I have a question. I'm in the market for a new table saw and could use some advice. I'm looking or a saw that's around $500 and it's maximum right side rip capacity is atleast 36 inches. Any suggestions?

Mike said...

It might be hard to find out that big, but maybe with a third party fence and an extension table, you could make it work.

But if I were cutting sheet goods as much as you are, I'd probably use a circular saw with a guide rail. Rockler's got a bunch, and with a $500 budget, that's very close to a Festool system, which is pretty much top of the line.

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Thanks, Mike. I was just looking at extension tables with 3rd party fences. I've been cutting the 4 x 8 sheets down with a circular saw and a "handmade" straight edge (aka a smaller sheet of ply clamped down to the cut sheet using the factory edge) in order to then cut it on my small, old table saw. I'll look into the guilde rail at Rockler. THANK YOU!