Saturday, May 10, 2008

New railing for the open stairs - part three

See previous installments.

Today was an 8 hour railing day. The balusters I'd cut last time were 1 inch wide, and to get the right space between the balusters (less than 4 and a half inches), that meant the middle balusters need to be 2 inches wide. So cutting 2 inch strips of plywood was the first task of the day. Second task was notching out the newel post to fit around the second step.

The third task was a complete dry fit to mark the balusters for length and the angle they meet the railing, and to fine tune the notch on the newel post. The narrow balusters go where two steps overlap, and will be attached to both. The wider balusters will go in the center of the step.

The pic on the right should give you a pretty good idea of what that'll look like, except for the length of the balusters, which will be about 1/4 inch above the bottom of the each step.

The next step was to round over all the edges with a router. I didn't take any pictures of that process because it's pretty dull, except for the little kernel of joy I get from using the router table Christie got me two Christmases ago.

Next step was to make filler pieces to fill in the dado in the bottom of the railing. They're all the same size, which keeps the balusters an even distance apart.

Now everything's cut to length, the edges are routed, it's all together, glued up, and waiting. Next step is to sand, stain, and poly. After that, there's nothing left but the installation. I'm crossing my fingers about that part.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, though, and Christie has requested pancakes, so I'm probably not going to spend much time in the workshop. But I did take another workshop pic.

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