Monday, May 26, 2008

Railing Update

Apparently when you have a week straight of 100% humidity, it takes finish a really, really long time to dry. So the railing will not be going in today, in spite of my hopes. Oh well.

But I can at least show you the setup I used for applying the finish. Basically, I clamped a piece of wood to one of the pillars in the garage and attached the railing to that, up near the ceiling. That red bandanna you see is tied around the end of the lower clamp, which happens to be right at head level. The bandanna is there to remind me not to walk into the clamp. (Again.)

I've got a couple of fans on it, so I'm hoping the finish will cure sometime in the next day or two so I can do another coat, then I can finally install it and move on to another project. In the meantime, I can't really do much in the workshop, since any sawdust I make is liable to end up stuck to the railing.

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