Friday, June 06, 2008

I never had a problem with Hillary Clinton the person, and rarely had a problem with Hillary Clinton the Senator, but the longer she campaigned, the more frustrated I became with the way she was campaigning, particularly the insistence on spin as a substitute for objective reality. The objective reality was that Obama was ahead in delegates from the beginning. The spin became that Hillary was "really" winning, although the metrics by which she was winning kept changing as the facts on the ground changed. As Cheryl Hofer put it, "seize what appears to be the high ground. Or: make what you've managed to seize appear to be the high ground."

I was worried that such spin, combined with her attacks on Obama, would muddy the waters about how the nominating contest actually works, and might encourage some of her supporters to label Obama's victory as something less than legitimate. A brief look at some pro-Hillary blogs as well as the message boards on is not particularly encouraging on that score, but she's a very skilled politician, and I'm hoping that her concession speech on Saturday will address this issue in a way that will help us all be better off come November.

And in the interest of reaching out to those in my tiny audience who are not particularly big Obama fans, here's someone we can all excoriate, in a humorously ironic context.

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