Monday, June 30, 2008

Last night was the first night since Chipmunk came that we didn't have guests in the house. Our first night as just the three of us. And it went pretty well.

Mary got us through the first week or so, taking the baby so Christie and I could sleep, making sure we ate, cleaning up after us, and just generally helping us keep body and soul together, not too mention the emotional support and good information. And my parents, who were here this weekend, helped us knock a few items off the to-do list (the lawn, for one), while stocking the freezer with easy meals.

Having our parents here has not just given us support and help, though, it's made us feel like part of continuum, which has given Christie and I both a big boost in confidence for the years ahead. All in all, it's been a joy having them all here.

But it's also nice to have the house to ourselves again for a little while so we can find our own rhythm as a family.

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