Sunday, June 15, 2008

Most excellent first Father's Day

I got good workshop time both yesterday and today.

For my first Father's Day, Christie got me a set of retracting casters for the tablesaw, which I've installed, and they are a huge step up from the discount rack casters on a wooden frame that I was using. I won't go into details, but let's just say that having the saw stay in one place while you're cutting wood is a very good thing. As is being able to move the tablesaw around easily. And now I have both.

Yesterday was spent installing the casters and puttering a bit, and today was spent making a shelf to go on top of the bedroom TV and building a stand for the Levenger lap desk that Lorie gave Christie when the doctors ordered her to put keep her feet up whenever possible.

My other Father's Day present is on its way right now. It wasn't a planned purchase, exactly, but I've been thinking about dust collection every time I sweep up the shop or when I see the fine sheen of sawdust on my windshield on Monday mornings. When I saw that Amazon has the Delta AP400 for $138 with free shipping, this seemed like the time to pull the trigger.

Now if Christie would just go into labor so I don't have to go to work tomorrow...

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