Sunday, June 01, 2008

Railing afterthoughts

I'm having an interesting emotional reaction to being done with this. I've got a bad case of "what do I work on now?" for one thing, but Christie has offered to help me with that. But the fact is, I've been planning this railing on and off for a couple of years now, and now it's done. Let the second guessing begin!

The aesthetics of it aren't exactly what I would have chosen if I had carte blanche, but I wanted it to go with the current stairs, which are dark, and it really does. In fact, it looks like it was always there. I would have liked to have done more complicated joinery where the balusters meet the stairs, but that would have added immeasurably to the complexity of the whole thing. As it is, this was the most complicated thing I've ever built, and I'm very glad to see it done.

The honest truth, though, is that it's not quite done. The steps have open risers, and the space between is just wide enough, I think, to be a hazard. I have visions of Chipmunk trying to fit through there and ending up stuck somehow. I could put a single bar across that space and fill it (like these), but I'd have to make it so that it could attach to the wall on one side and the baluster on the other, and the stringers in the middle.

I'm thinking that aluminum strips with a bend at each end to attach to the wall and the baluster would do the job, and the bright aluminum would look good with the dark wood. Or maybe not. And it's entirely possible I'm worrying about nothing, and I should concentrate on building some workshop storage, or get started on that toybox for Chipmunk.

Anybody out there have any thoughts on the matter?

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