Thursday, July 24, 2008

The only time I've ever mentioned Bob Novak in this space was to note that when the Bush administration was looking for a media jerk to help them blow the cover of a CIA operative, he was the only one ethically-vacant enough to do so.

Well, everyone's favorite agent of darkness is in the news again, this time for something a little more up close and personal. He hit a pedestrian. And drove off. The bicyclist who kept him from running away says the man he hit came up on the hood of the car and splayed across the windshield before falling back to the pavement as Novak whipped around the corner. Novak says, "I didn't see him."

As Josh Marshall says, he's either lying to cover his attempted hit and run, or he's such a mindbogglingly incompetent driver that he needs to have his license taken away.

Either way, the $50 ticket he received seems like underkill.

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