Friday, August 01, 2008

I consider the fact that the Chipmunk slept through her first Wal-mart trip to be strong evidence that my aversion to the evil blue giant is recessive, and that Mary's affection for it is dominant. Clearly, the little one finds the fluorescent lights to be relaxing. And when you need a diverse bunch of stuff, and the baby only sleeps long enough for one store trip at a time, Wal-mart is certain a tempting choice. But here's another reason not to shop there.

I mean, apart from the fact that their website lied to me about them having a charger in stock for Christie's audiobook player, which lured me in the store, leading me to buy the other items on my list because I thought it'd be faster than going somewhere else, which it would have been if they stocked things in a way that made sense, or trained their employees in some sort of non-random fashion.

Shorter Wal-Mart: We won't tell our employees where to put the Desitin, but we will tell them how to vote.

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