Monday, August 11, 2008

I don't want to jinx anything, but thanks to some tips from Rita, this is three nights in a row of no middle of the night colic.


Heather said...

*cheers quietly*

Mike said...

Shhh! Don't wake her!

Kidding. Apparently she's having a bit of a crank this afternoon. I just got off the phone with C., and both the vacuum and the rain recording were running.

Anybody know if they make a plush dyson toy? My little girl dearly loves that vacuum.

Emily said...

Isn't if fascinating how that vacuum is so appealing? By the time she is 2, it will scare her senseless. I hope things continue to progress well for little Sophie. Care to share any of the good advice you received?

Mike said...

The advice from Rita and Del was to do the family bed thing for a while, at least until Sophie's sleeping more reliably. And it wasn't something we planned on, but it's working.

The other big thing has been training her to take a pacifier. That's making a huge, huge difference.

Rita said...

The real credit is due to the zillions of families in Africa who only have one bed per household. Family bed = time to move up to king size bed. :) Don't think we ever even used the crib for #2. Not to worry though, they do move out eventually!

Also, not all pacifiers are created equally. Helps to try out several different versions.

And last, most times ya just gotta toss the books, tapes, and internet and go with what feels right in your gut.