Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm sure you heard about the guys in Georgia a while back who claimed to have found a dead bigfoot. You didn't? Man, you need to spend more time reading the blogs filed under "Unbelievable" to the right. Anyway, turns out it was a bigfoot costume filled with road kill.

I'm not remotely disappointed. Yeah, a bigfoot corpse would change the world, really, and I would love to be able to believe in bigfoot, but it's not a belief I can sustain for more than about 15 minutes without getting all sweaty. It's a lot of work. But a couple of rednecks filling up a bigfoot costume with roadkill, stashing it in their freezer, and sending pictures to the media? That's entertainment!

In the course of reading about this, I happened across forgetomori's science page, which is filled with the sort of extraordinary images you see on UFO websites, but with explanations. And the explanations, while mundane on the surface, actually drive home what an incredibly cool world we live in, and how many genuine mysteries there are.

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