Monday, August 11, 2008

More parent geekery

Chipmunk's outgrown the womb sounds, it seems, but Christie noticed that the soundest she ever slept was during a big rain storm, so I hit freesound again and grabbed some rain clips, which I tweaked in audacity to make a nice 15 minute rain track for her to sleep to.

In the realm of gadgets, these Energizer Light on Demand LED flashlights have been great. We have the twin light center, and they're sort of light portable nightlights, the way we use them. You never know if the spud is going to want to be bounced, rocked, or walked, and if she wants to be in her room, the living room, or somewhere else, so it's nice to be able to take the light where you need it, and have the switch within reach when she finally drops off.

1 comment:

blue girl said...

"the spud"

We started calling blue kid that when he was born and it stuck! We still call him that all the time.