Sunday, August 03, 2008

When you're a parent, you find yourself thinking and saying things you don't expect, and your priorities shift. For instance, when Christie and I first started getting the crap that shows up in your mailbox shortly after you register and Target and/or Babies R Us (just a coincidence, I'm sure), one of the fliers was for a complete baby soothing center that seemed absolutely ridiculous. "Multiple swing patterns"? "6 different nature sounds"? "MP3 player input"? Whatever. Who would need that?

And then, suddenly, you find yourself with a colicky six-week-old, no sleep, and a creaky old swing that eats batteries like I eat Pop-Tarts, and the ridiculous starts to seem pretty reasonable awesome. It's quiet (for a swing), the nature sounds are actually pretty relaxing, even for adults, and the swing motion is just what our little banshee needs to stay asleep without having to be in our arms.

Expensive? Yes, but if it means Mom and Dad get to sleep in the same bed again (for a few hours at a time), it's worth it.

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