Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Count the Lies - McCainPedia

Yes, this site is from the Democrats. But it's the best resource I can find that catalogs the many and various lies coming out of the McCain camp. As Steve Benen has observed, these people even lie when the truth would suffice. And I say lie, because that's what they are. When you say something that's not true once, it might be a misstatement. But when it's been pointed out to you that it's not true, and you keep repeating it anyway, well, that's a lie.

I got a master's in English at a time when Postmodernism was ascendant, and one of the things that drove me out of the field was the stubborn insistence that all truth is contingent at best, and arbitrary at worst. I've done the reading, and I acknowledge that actually knowing the 100% sure and certain truth is damn near impossible in most situations, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I've certainly bumped my head against it enough times to know. My dislike of absolute relativism was one of the few things I had in common with the conservatives of that era.

If you'd told me then that twelve years later we'd have Republicans running for President on a platform of "the truth is whatever we say it is", I'd never have believed you.

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