Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Palin. Sigh.

Are you as tired of Palin scandals as I am? And yet they keep coming. They're like American Idol contestants at this point, but in reverse. Every week, another batch!

First off, according to the AP, her Attorney General has told the troopergate investigative committee that her employees won't be honoring the subpoenas they were issued. His explanation is that "the employees are caught between their respect for the Legislature and their loyalty to the governor".

I feel bad for them, I guess, but that's not exactly a legal justification for ignoring a subpoena. This freedom to ignore subpoenas is just one more relic of the Bush administration we can't afford to hang on to.

Of course, the whole investigation is bogus anyway, according to the campaign. The real reason (this is new, by the way) that she fired Monegan was that he was going to go over her head to Washington seeking funding to fight sexual assault, which is an epidemic in Alaska, and which Palin had refused to make a priority. Specifically, it was a federal program to fight the sexual abuse of children.

So, according to the campaign, Monegan was fired because he wanted to fight sexual abuse of children, and Palin didn't. And this is their defense of Palin.

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