Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Yeah, I watched the debates Friday night, and my first reaction was that it was a nice, boring debate that honestly showed where two very different candidates diverge in how they would run things. My second reaction was that both candidates accomplished things they needed to. McCain successfully left his "crazy old man" persona in Washington, except for one brief flash, when he threw out he idea of a spending freeze just so Jim Lehrer would stop asking him questions. Not a great moment for him. Obama not only demonstrated his seriousness and sanity, which he had to do for those viewer who only know him from Limbaugh's crap spewing, but he also reminded everyone of the crazy stuff John's been saying and doing on the campaign trail, like singing "Bomb, bomb Iran" and insulting Spain.

Christie thought McCain's reactions were kind of, well, dickish, and I was willing to give him a pass on that, but the pundits seem to agree. I think it's a fair assessment, if trivial.

Yesterday, though was a whole 'nother thing. We spent the morning and the spud's school, doing yardwork, and we not only met some of the other parents, but I got to climb a tree! Then there was a long, nappy afternoon, followed by a long walk around downtown, art fair, and dinner in the park with Kate and Mara. Pretty much a perfect Saturday, I'd say.

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