Friday, October 24, 2008

Just before bed last night, I watched a clip on of Palin parsing the definition of "terrorist", and it was pretty appalling. Steve Benen has a good summary, but I think I can break it down even more:

Blowing up a bathroom in the Pentagon: Terrorist.

Blowing up an abortion clinic
: "Unacceptable", but not necessarily terrorism.

I'm reminded of the Oklahoma City bombing. I was living in Kirksville, MO at the time, and didn't have a lot of news options, so I ended up flipping between CNN and the 700 Club. Initially, Pat Robertson was angry as hell, calling it an "unprovoked attack on the heart of America" and such, but when it was revealed that the perpetrator was a right-wing extremist, he went from calling it an "attack" to a "tragedy".

And, for the record, The Weathermen were terrorists, as are people who shoot at abortion doctors, as are people who blow up laboratories that experiment on animals, as is anyone who uses violence to advance a political agenda. Even when it's an agenda you agree with.

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