Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just renewed my driver's license. It wasn't as big a hassle as I was expecting, but only because I knew about the Real ID crap, and so went to their web site to see what I needed. It turned out that a passport, social security card, and utility bill were the magic totems that unlocked the gates to continued driving. Well, that and being able to recognize 6 traffic signs with no words on them. Do Not Enter threw me for a second, but I came through in the clutch. Phew.

The clerk was impressed that I had all the right documentation my first time out, and I said, "It's an annoying law, but it's the law."

She had disagreed, citing "all the things people try to get through with", but not elaborating. I wanted to say that I didn't really mean "annoying" as much as I meant "misguided, xenophobic, reckless, and making us all less safe in the cause of winning cheap political points" but I just shrugged and kept my mouth shut, because I really, really wanted my drivers license.

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