Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin didn't do or say anything incredibly stupid, so by the diminished expectations she created with her Katie Couric interview, she did well. But she only had a handful of canned answers that she used throughout the night, and she was, in general, remarkably content-free.

Now, I realize that I'm in the tank for Obama, but I found her delivery insulting, and her insistence on answering substantive questions with folksy bromides to be infuriating. This country is in real trouble, and talks about it like a sportscaster covering an FFA rodeo.


Emily said...

Good golly! Preach on brother. Gee willakers, that little lady tries to substitute cuteness for substance, and it really just gets my goat.

Mike said...

You betcha! Mavericks'll do that, ya know!