Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I was on the verge of installing Ubuntu on my laptop the other day, but stoppped short when it came to partitioning. Because my laptop is a Lenovo, there's a recovery sector on the hard drive, and preserving it while installing Linux is, by all accounts, a hassle. I checked everything I could online, and all accounts are that almost everything works almost correctly, but there are one or two things that still need a little tweaking, like getting the speakers to work.

Which brought me, mentally, to how I actually use my home laptop, and while I do a ton of web 'work', I also need to be able to run Microsoft Office for at least one theoretical consulting project that might materialize in the next month or so. Mostly, though, I use it to watch TV and movies, and I either download those off the Tivo or watch them via Netflix streaming video, and neither of those work in Linux yet, and my understanding is that WINE doesn't deal with Tivo-to-Go perfectly yet.

Basically, I was thinking of changing to Linux because of the hassles associated with Vista, but it's turned out that Linux would most likely be just as big a hassle, so I'm not switching.

In other news: look, bad cakes!

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