Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the family bed.

We just had our little disease vector's 6 month checkup (at 7 months, but who's counting, right?), and we got the "is she sleeping in her crib yet?" question. My dodgy answer was "some of the time."

But it's a much harder question than it seems. I mean, yeah, I'd sort of love to have her sleeping in her crib, but the best time to transition her is the weekend, and it's pretty hard to find a weekend when she's not fighting a virus of some kind or another. And given the ravages of colic, it's not like we really had a choice about doing a family bed.

Before we had kids, I had all sorts of opinions about family beds. I don't remember if I shared them with my friends who had kids or not, but all I can say now is that I get it. What you lose in sleep you gain in the warm, fuzzy feeling of having your child snuggle up against you in the night. It's going to be hard to give that up.

But we're going to have to transition her before she's old enough to kick me in the junk in the middle of the night, because I've had that experience, and it's not fun. And we don't really have room in our bedroom for a king-sized bed.


Hill Rat said...

Good luck with all that friend. BabyRat is almost four and usually makes her way from her own room into our bed at some point during the night. As for getting kicked in the junk, you get used to it.

Mike said...

I've been wondering at what point I'll need to start wearing a cup to bed...