Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remember my Father's Day watch from last year? Well, not long after the kid was born, it quit working reliably. When I wind it, it runs anywhere from an hour to a day, then stops. I suspect that it just needs cleaning and lubricating, but our local horologist charges about 5 times what I paid for the watch to tune up a wind-up watch.

You know where this is going, I imagine. Here's my tab so far:

$18 - Book on watch repair
$14 - Watch oil
$ 2 - Project box so I can leave things in mid-repair and not lose small parts
$ 7 - Precision screw driver set
$14 - Project light with magnifier

So far, I've spent $55 on this little money-saver, which is still less than I spent on the watch itself, but not by much. On the bright side, I'm still well shy of the $300 it'd cost to have it professionally done.

I'll keep you posted.

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