Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Medical experiments for the lot of you, I'm afraid

Christie and I had bacon and eggs for dinner last night. Which seems like no big deal except that I haven't had real bacon for years, because of a food allergy thing.

About an hour later, I realized two things:

1. That, while I had remembered to get a new prescription for an epipen, I had forgotten to actually pick one up from the pharmacy.

2. That a cold dry day in the middle of winter is a stressful time to test new foods, as the first symptom that I'm having a reaction is itchiness, and my skin is so dry right now that I pretty much itch all the time.

So if I seem a little tired today, like I didn't get much sleep, the fact that I was laying awake wondering if I was getting hives might have been a factor.

Note to self: buy the damn epipen!

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