Friday, February 06, 2009

Well, I want to see Coraline, but the only theaters near me that are showing it are showing the 3D version, and I can't possibly overstate my feelings of "meh" about 3D. Not that I have much experience with it. My very first migraine ever was triggered by a 3D movie at Worlds of Fun when I was a kid, and I've never forgiven it, nor have I found a 3D technology that doesn't make my head hurt.

Guess I'll be waiting for the DVD.


Patricia said...

Neil Gaiman's blog said Coraline would only be on 3-d screens for a few weeks because the Jonas Brothers will take those over (be glad your daughter is too small to have a JB addiction) :-).

Maybe they'll move Coraline to the regular screens then.

moreena said...

Saw it in 3-d, and it wasn't so gaggy. Still I'd rather see it 2-d. Yes, I was the awful, misguided parent with a sobbing kid as the credits rolled. I tried to convince Frankie to stay home, but anything Annika does...