Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family Bed to Crib

Christie and I have sometimes wondered if colic can cause PTSD, because we'll both have these moments of heart-in-our-throat feeling when we're putting little bit to bed, and the fear that we're in for a late night hits us. Last night was one of those nights, because we're laying it on the line and trying to transition her from the family bed to her crib.

Basically, when we put her to sleep at first, we lay her down in her crib, and if she wakes up and can't get herself back to sleep, we'll let her finish the night in our bed. But the goal is for her to eventually sleep all night in her crib.

To make this all easier, the crib is in our room right now, which means that when Christie and I went to bed last night at 8:30 (it's been a rough week, because somebody is teething and had a cold), we spent the next 2 hours holding our breath at every shift, heavy breath, or whimper from the general direction of the crib.

The general goal of this transition is for everyone to get a better night's sleep, but so far it only seems to be working for the munchkin.

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