Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sci-Fi fun

I've been reading (and rereading) Scalzi books, which gets interesting when I try and talk about something to Christie. She loves Fantasy, but Sci Fi isn't really her bag. Some samples:

On Zoe's Tale:

Me: So her parents are running a new colony called Roanoke...

Her: Why would they name a colony Roanoke? Don't they know what happened to the original Roanoke?

Me: Well, yeah, that comes up, because, um, it's kind of complicated. Do you really want to know?

Her: Never mind.

Or on The Ghost Brigades:

Me: Black jellybeans end up being a big memory trigger for one of the characters.

Her: Like Proust.

Me: Right. They even mention it. See this character and his daughter used to love to eat black jellybeans together, so the first time he tastes them, it brings back all these memories of her death.

Her: If they used to eat them together, how is he eating them for the first time?

Me: It's kind of complicated. See, the main character has more than consciousness in his head because he was created to-

Her: This is the clone thing, isn't it?

Me: Yeah!

Her: Never mind.

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