Sunday, April 26, 2009

Club for Growth Interfering in Local Races

I'm glad to see the Missouri Club for Growth admitting that they financed certain school board candidates in order to further their agenda. That agenda, nationally and locally, has been to oppose any and every tax increase with every weapon at their disposal, and to demand loyalty oaths from members of Congress in which they promise to vote against tax increases.

Now that their interference has been exposed, I hope Michelle Pruitt has the courage to disown their support. School boards should be about education. It was bad enough when the religious right started going after them, now the Club for Growth? Just what we need.


Public School Observer said...

You used the word "oppose" when it should have been "expose". The Club for Growth believes that the performance of k-12 students on test scores, as compared to the increase in tax dollars spent, is critical.

Public schools are an unregulated monopoly and have to be made more accountable. Michelle Pruitt will do just that.

Mike said...

Congrats on being able to achieve an error to idea ratio in excess of 1:1. That's an achievement in such a short space.