Monday, April 13, 2009

Confession Time

When we bought the house four years ago, Christie had one condition. The paneling had to come down. Which we did, and it was good. But we moved back in before I got the trim rehung, and we've somehow lived the last four years without ever getting around to rehanging it.

It's embarrassing, frankly, but one of my great weaknesses is getting a project 90% to done, and then leaving it that way.

All day Saturday, as my dad and I were finally getting it done, I kept thinking of a post by John Rogers where he bragged about having this poster (of The Done Manifesto) in the writer's room of his show.

It's not fancy molding. In fact, all but a couple of pieces are the original trim, salvaged from its four year hidey hole under my workbench in the basement. So it's pretty plain. A few of the joints are downright ugly (but a few are beautiful) and there are spots where unstained door casings and floor show through because of the difference caused by the removal of the fugly paneling.

But it's done, and done is beautiful, particularly after four years of not done.

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