Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first night soloing with the baby

Warning: Slightly gross biological details to follow.

Christie's out of town for about 40 hours, so I'm single dadding it right now. That requires a little preplanning to get some things done that can't be done with a baby hanging on your leg, like taking out the trash, but it's nothing I can't handle, even if I am still getting over a cold.

I'll admit, I was hoping for an easy night, so I could brag to Christie about how well things went, and things started out pretty well. The baby went to bed easily at eight, and only woke up a couple of times between then and nine, both times looking for her pacifier.

About nine, I got hit with my first bout of, um, intestinal distress. No biggie. I can handle this. I wonder if I ate something that didn't set well? Well, I have basically eaten nothing but Cap'n Crunch while sit, so that makes sense. Like I said, I'm still getting over a cold, so I decided to go to bed early, about 9:30.

At 11:30, I woke up with one eye all crusty and itchy. Unfortunately, I couldn't really examine it closely, because the power had just gone out. I found a flashlight and called the power company. The baby woke up somewhere in there, too, so I got to soothe her back to sleep. With that accomplished, I set out to see what was up with my eye.

Wow, I guess that's why they call it pink eye, huh? I have drops, but they're for the kid, not me. Better wait till morning, when I can talk to a doctor. Meanwhile, my fever's back up over 101, and the snot factory in my head has kicked into overdrive. I start having fantasies about blood poisoning and blindness, which motivates me to go ahead and use the eyedrops, which stops the itching in my eye enough that I can sleep. A little, anyway.

At 4:30, the alarm I set for Christie's early morning flight yesterday goes off, at top volume (the power came back on about 1 a.m., and the outage did something to the volume on the clock radio). The baby starts crying, of course, so I turn off the alarm, then soothe her back to sleep. I can't turn the volume down without turning the radio on, but I'll worry about that at 6:15.

6:15, the alarm starts screaming, and so does the baby. I turn down the volume and try to soothe the baby, but she's not having any, until I feed her and rock her to sleep. I can't get excited about going horizontal with my sinuses in their current state, so I nap sitting up in the rocking chair with the baby in my arms until about seven.

Not the worst night I've had (not by a long shot), but not what I'd call an easy one, either. But I've got a doctor's appointment this morning, and Christie's back tonight. I will admit I'll be glad to have backup again.

Update: The doc gave me approval to use our leftover eyedrops, plus a prescription for antibiotics. Woo hoo!

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