Monday, May 04, 2009


Christie spent all day yesterday doing solo baby care so I could get the lawn in shape, which had been nagging at the back of my mind for weeks. And then she demanded that we go out for Mexican food afterwards. After the baby went to bed, she suggested that we watch the Dollhouse episode we Tivoed Friday night, then spent 30 minutes or so discussing the various plot points, including possible plot holes and speculation about what new surprises Joss might have waiting for us. (BTW, we both think that having Agent Ballard say, "My whole life is fake!" so incredulously was probably a hint.)

As if that weren't enough, it was her idea to hand the kid off to Kate yesterday so we could catch a matinee of Wolverine, and we spent over an hour afterward discussing his backstory. I'm going to be honest here: I know more about Wolverine and the X-men than I do about databases, woodworking, shamanism, cryptozoology, the history of the English language, ancient Greek history, comparative religion, or my own family. And I pretty much never get to talk about it. So that was a very good hour.

Yep, I have the most awesome wife ever. You remember that episode of Dollhouse where Topher made a doll of himself, but stuck in the body of a hot babe, so he could have somebody to play video games and hang out with? (I am well aware that you probably don't.) That's pretty much what it's like being married to Christie, only less creepy and solipsistic.

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Emily said...

I love it! You two rock. I love the Topher reference, too, as I can totally see that in you two, sitting on the couch, chatting it up with good snacks. Well said, Mike!