Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

This morning was a big ol' brunch, then my ladies napped while I folded laundry and watched Mythbusters (which is really about my ideal Sunday afternoon, oddly enough), then it was off to the sprayground for some very, very wet fun. We were way too beat to cook, or to go out, so we ordered delivery from our favorite Mexican place, via Tiger's Takeout. i really can't say enough good things about them. I've got my pick of great restaurants, the service is prompt, and they keep you updated about the status of your order at every stage.

Now they just need an iPhone app.

As far as my thoughts on Father's Day, I'm too tired for anything particularly deep, but it was a little weird having my first Father's Day after being a dad for more than a year. I'm completely used to being a dad at this point, but the suddenly public nature of that relationship was a bit discomfiting. In spite of having a blog where I spill my every trivial thought, and my tendency to gush about my daughter to anyone who will listen, I am basically a fairly private person, and I've never been comfortable as the center of attention. The way I coped was to focus as much as possible on my little girl. She's the reason for the season, as the saying goes.

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