Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teenage Romance

This Dorky Dad post on the dangers of dedicating a song to your teenage girlfriend is apt, but there is also a danger to being insufficiently romantic as a teenager. Witness this piece of dialogue from my own ancient history:

Her: Tell me you love me.

Me: I love you.

Her: Tell me again.

Me: I love you.

Her: Tell me you'll love me forever.

Me: [pause]

Her: Well?!

Me: _______, we're sixteen years old. What're the odds?

Trust me when I tell you things went downhill from there.

1 comment:

Jack said...


Speaking as the guy who actually DID say "yes, I'll love you forever" to multiple girlfriends--serially, not in parallel (for the most part)--at worst your honesty sped up the disintegration of the relationship by a few weeks. And at least you have your integrity...